Avhandling / Av_handling (Dissertation / Through_action)* was articulated / manifested over the course of 72 hours, situating itself within and proceeding from KTH R1 Experimental Performance Space, a decommissioned nuclear reactor hall 25 meters below ground on the campus of Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), May 27-29, 2016. The opponents and the examining committee were invited to become part for 42 hours; so was the audience—as agentially intra-acting components. The public defense took place Saturday, September 3, 2016. Opponents, Teresa María Díaz Nerio and Camila Marambio. Examination committee, Cecilia Lagerström, Nina Lykke, Nanako Nakajima, and substitute Tova Gerge.

As part of the choreographic process, Sugar Rush Productions | Maria Åkesson, together with Tsomak Oga, Sooz Romero, and Debora Vega, video documented Avhandling / Av_handling (Dissertation / Through_action). This documentation, together with other remains as a non-representative residue, will be made available at: dissertationthroughaction.space/ during 2018.

*The English word dissertation translated to Swedish makes “avhandling.” When you break the word into its composite parts (“av” and “handling”), “av” can be translated to of, for, from, or with. I chose to translate it to “through,” because I have pursued my research through the actions of my practice (of action). “Handling” can be translated to action, document, or deed. I chose “action” to emphasize the continually shifting unfoldings of this research, and to echo Hannah Arendt, who maintained that actions have no end.

This dissertation has been carried out and supervised within the graduate program in Choreography at Stockholm University of the Arts. The dissertation is presented at Lund University in the framework of the cooperation agreement between the Malmö Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts, Lund University, and Stockholm University of the Arts regarding doctoral education in the subject of Choreography, in the context of Konstnärliga forskarskolan.